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  1. Hi there! Thanks in advance. I am wondering what stores are currently shipping clay (and not at a too crazy of a markup) during the shut down/quarantine. Local clay stores near me (Aardvark & and Laguna Clay Company) are both closed. I am in Long Beach, CA.
  2. Just an update: the kiln has been firing for two hours now, I think I found the issue. Last time I tried to fire it.. I saw it turn itself off very quickly.
  3. So, I just spent some time looking at the timer. I am not sure how to go about trying to clean gunk out of a spring if that is the cause. However, this was interesting for me to notice: I can only turn the timer knob between 8-9 hours if turning clockwise from the off position. The only way to set the timer above 8-9 hours is it I turn the knob counter clockwise from the off position. I am wondering if this is a variable due to having successfully fired before by setting the timer to 8 hours and then later adding time to the timer after if didn’t auto shut off. I was monitoring the firing every hour or so that time. Any thoughts on the rotation of the timer knob as a potential area for user error? I think the thumbwheel is sensitive to the direction it is turned, maybe the timer is the same?
  4. Hi everyone, thanks for commenting. I will try to start kiln again and see if turning the timer to zero causing it to shut off/have latch open. When it was failing to stay on, the timer was still programmed to have the kiln running. I am wondering if the kiln timer needs to be replaced/ how I might be able to work with it, as long as I don’t let it bottom out on time.. I am thinking that I should just turn all settings to off/zero.. and see it if works when I try it again after that. I did this previously, so I am not super hopeful. Luckily, Cress and local shops should be open again next week.
  5. Hi everyone, Thanks in advance for your help! I am having some issues with a cress kiln FX 27-P. I am new to operating a kiln and have only successfully fired 1x to cone 04. I had no issues with the timer, kiln sitter, thumbwheel (rotated to different numbers throughout firing), and maintained power to the kiln for entire firing. I read the entire manual and follow instructions on kiln when programming settings. In my second firing- set kiln to 12 hour timer, cone 6 bar in kiln sitter, set it on slowest firing setting. Walked away from the kiln for maybe 2 hours- when I walked away it was on. I came back and it was off, set it again, same settings, it turned itself off within 30 minutes. Set it again, this time for a normal firing speed, it turned off. The plunger will stay plunged for a time limited period on its own. The kiln will stay on if use my finger to keep the plunger, plunged. No obvious issues inside kiln- kiln sitter bar has not been moved out of position or bent. Please help! Cress is not open until next week, same thing with local ceramics stores. Thanks again, Chelsea
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