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  1. This info is for the people who have JBruce's solution or want to make it happen. I created a little Node Red flow so i get a Telegram message on my phone in case anything happens with my kiln. In short, this gives a telegram message when: 1. The kiln-controller service starts/stops, 2. When and which schedule is started, 3, If a stop command is received, 4, when the schedule is finished. Besides that, there are 2 other currently unused functions, the current temp and the target temp. I left these out of scope, since i am going to use these values to send them to my home automation d
  2. Thanks a lot for your great work on this! Can you give me a hint on how to access the API? I tried to get the know how by reading Github info, but could not get it figured out.... edit: mea culpa, just after this post, i found it on Github. If you wonder where to find it: https://github.com/jbruce12000/kiln-controller/blob/master/docs/api.md
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