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  1. This is my favorite tv show! I just love watching what the contestants come up with, how they help each other and grow to be a clay family! I take note of all the challenges and hope to complete some of the projects too. I wish there was a similar competition closer to home haha.
  2. @Bill Kielb Thank you for the great info! I will have to give the sprayer a try and report back how it goes. I do have a respirator as well so I would be safe from over spray, but I will take care to make sure anyone else is out of range. I will look into other spray booth options for my shed too.
  3. I have a Wagner Control Spray 250 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer from lowes : Sprayer Link This kind of gun is okay to use for glazing? I don't want to get one of those large compressors if I don't have to. I'm still pretty new to ceramics, and I hope to make my own studio out of my back yard shed. Also what about ventilation? Do I need a booth or is it acceptable to spray outside?
  4. Your work is beautiful! Those metallic colors really pop and highlight the details!
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