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  1. That would be great if you could Mark because I am not doing my gas fire until this winter. I want to be able to open the door to vent it. It gets so cold here....it will just be sucked right out the door.....no need for a vent. I hope you have a wonderful show!
  2. I had a Skutt I used for bisque. I stupidly let someone talk me into selling it to them a few years ago when I was despairing of ever getting things going again. We didn't have all the bells and whistles that exist today. This little guy is supposed to be cone 10 but since there are not any good cone 10 electric glazes....looks like it's gas for cone 10 for me. I still have all my glazes. Now If I could ever find my glaze book, I could convert them. I still have a partial bag of Kingman
  3. It was on glazy-- Mayan Deep Blue....supposedly a cone 9/10 glaze.....Remember....my glossy white was 50 colemanite and 50 PV clay and 15 zircopax. We used it from raku all the way to 10. I probably have the only colemanite in the US!
  4. point taken.....maybe just over the handle....I will see if I can get to cone 6.....that's what I am worried about....that's a huge leak.....remember....I am used to 9 inches of soft brick.....I sat there thinking that surely the little beast would melt! I could put my hand on the outside of my downdraft.
  5. Yes...that is exactly what it looks like which is why I think that is what it is. It was however slightly cream colored....could be the batch or age. My other barium is white. If you noticed in the pics, both 1 and 3 had that same lumpy appearance....which is what made me think they were both carbonates. I looked at that digitalfire chart and barium does not lose mass whereas calcium carb does. The fine grained sandy feel to #5 makes me think either dolomite or bone ash. I have 50 pounds of the stuff. So I made up three glaze samples of that glaze PeterH posted.
  6. This little guy has pretty light shelves....maybe the big guy's shelves....they weigh a ton! Thanks for the suggestion
  7. You are definitely my kind of gal! Make do with what you have......it was kind of a credo we all took substantial pride in in the past.
  8. Back in the day, barium was all we had....we did not have Strontium.....until I started looking at recipes on here and glazy,, I had never hear of it before. Also nepheliine syenite. So if you wanted a crystal clear celadon.....you used barium. Celadon was one of the glazes I used the most. I actually don't have much of #3.....maybe 10 pounds. It's #5 that I have 50 pounds of. #1 about 20 pounds. That's another reason I think #3 might be barium......it was almost used up. I suppose it could be Kingman. But I don't think that would fuse at 04. I have made up batches of that glaze PeterH posted for me with all three substances. I found a recipe on glazy: 50 gerstley, 35 silica, 15 EPK.....then 20 Bentonite, 10 chrome oxide and 10 cobalt carbonate. I am assuming the last three on typos and should be 2, 1 and 1? Right?
  9. I am thinking that #3 is barium carbonate. Unlike calcium carbonate, it loses no weight/mass on ignition. That means that 1 and 5 are likely calcium carbonate and dolomite respectively. I have made up that glaze you provided with all three. I cannot think of any other material that I used in those days which would fuse on ignition like that. I used a lot of barium carbonate. If it was a feldspar or silica, it would just sit there. What are your thoughts?
  10. Good to know....but this little guy is ancient.....like 20 years old. It still has the stove type dials on the individual sections. When I was looking at replacement elements, they appeared to be all the same for this model. It does not appear to have been fired much beyond cone 04, but the underside of the lid is curiously discolored.
  11. Thanks Neil. Read the post. Makes sense about the lid changing during the firing. I noticed some small cracks in the mortar two places in the middle. So that is what is happening. Benzine suggesting an empty top shelf sounds like a good idea. My next phase is glaze testing. I am going to place regular cones on the shelves as well.
  12. Good idea! Will do! I am just wondering when I am trying to fire to 6 what implications this has besides being cold in the top.
  13. Thanks! I must admit. It was a bit disturbing to be able to see inside!
  14. I was able to actually see inside the kiln......but it is possible that I was just sitting at exactly the right height to do that.
  15. I have an 18 series Olympic electric. Since I bought this second hand, I was monitoring the temperature with a pyrometer in case for some reason the kiln sitter did not work right. It did. But when I was sitting there testing, I noticed that the lid had lifted up about an eighth of an inch. I could actually see inside the kiln. Is this normal? I also read something about adjusting the screws on the straps in the manual I really didn't understand. The electric I used in the past was a Skutt.
  16. Well....the results are in on the loss of ignition test. #1 looked slightly burnt and lost 53 grams. #3 fused together and loss NO weight. #5 turned pink and lost 53 grams. #3 fusing and leaving little green spots was totally in expect.
  17. I could actually see into the top of the kiln....can you with yours?
  18. Thanks.....I never watched one this closely before. Since I bought this second hand, I was testing with a pyrometer to make sure the kin sitter worked. It did. But while sitting there with the pyrometer, I noticed this eighth inch gap.....it was disturbing. It makes me wonder how much the gas one is going to expand. I read something in the manual about adjusting the straps with those screws in the back.....I am not sure I really understood it. We should ask Neil.
  19. Go to my thread. PeterH came up with several links.....including flame tests and a glaze recipe that would differentiate between whiting and dolomite. I am currently doing a loss on ignition test in my bisque.
  20. Neil, When I was firing this little electric yesterday, I could see under the lid and into the kiln. Is this normal? If not, what is the fix?
  21. Seeking opinions on when it is best to apply underglazes---the ones in jars....not the ones like watercolors.
  22. first bisque done....little kiln did fine....no problems...that I know of. 

    1. Denice


      Congratulations now you have your feet wet so your ready to jump into the pool.   Denice

    2. MFP


      Thanks Denice!   Now if I can find a cone 6 stoneware body that I like, I will be all set. I find it ironic that finding porcelains was much easier.  I just posted the loss of ignition test results from the bisque.....one of the samples fused solid and left pittle green spots. 

      #3 LOI result.jpg

  23. This is my first time using this little electric kiln...so I am kind of flying by the seat of my pants. I used a Skutt in the past. This is a little 18 series Olympic. I have all three knobs on 3 to start out....it goes on and off every few seconds. I guess I will find out if that's too fast!
  24. We got a reprieve. He is 21 years old and has moderate kidney failure. What happened is that some A-hole changed the setting on the cat door going into my garage where my cats live so that they could get out but not back in. It took me two days to get clued into there being something wrong. By that time, he was very dehydrated and of course full of poisons. We hydrated him with subcutaneous fluids at home to flush out all the poison....and the day before we were going to put him down he snapped out of it, started eating well again, etc. So.....the vet said she thinks we are back to his baseline. He is living in the house now....we have to be super careful.....I have a dog that is a terrible cat killer and we have to make sure he doesn't get into the house.( The dogs have their own heated indoor living space and a Tempurpedic mattress). So I know I am going to lose him sometime within the next year....but not on my birthday and not because of that! I have three other cats....my two girls survived the ordeal OK but I have not seen my boy yet....he can be elusive in the summer. But I am thinking of putting up a camera out there....if I find out who did that, I will beat them until there is no breath left in their body. They were all feral kittens I caught when we lived out in the country. So they are tough little kitties and like being outdoors. I was worried when we moved into town but they have done fine. The garage is heated for them in the winter. My car gets a carport! LOL Thanks for caring, Mark.
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