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  1. I definitely recommend getting a ".com" website! I work for a graphic design agency and our website/emails end with ".studio" and it's always an issue. Emails bounce back from us and we've heard from a few shops we work with that the ".studio" suffix doesn't work with their billing/mailing system!
  2. It is a fine grog and yes, it's visible in the fired clay. This is from Standard's website about 710: "Gives a reduction-like dark brown color in an electric kiln. Smooth and plastic. Contains manganese and a small amount of fine grog is added. It's good for all techniques. We recommend firing to cone 5." Here is a bowl I did with 710 leaving the rim and foot unglazed (KY Mudworks Everglade glaze and Amaco Temmoku for the stripe)
  3. Standard 710 is the same as 266 but with added grog - I fire it to a hot cone 6 without any bloating on thinly thrown mugs/bowls. It's a really nice clay to throw with! It does react strangely with some glazes so testing is key of course.
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