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  1. We always had "Clay Gods" or "Kiln Gods" tucked into corners, on shelves, near kilns, etc. when I was at Herron. To continue the tradition, I have one in my studio sitting on a shelf overlooking a space where I work, as well as the kilns. When I look at her it brings back fond memories. Pres, those peep hole creatures are very neat....like them!!
  2. My work has been referred to as "Machoism" in the past. Not a conscious decision, I just made what my heart told me to.
  3. These are "upper middle class" birdhouses, would make any bird very happy!! Love the design and glazes.
  4. I like these, the designs around them look like they are "happy". It makes me smile.
  5. A sampling of the last few months of barrel firing after being away from my beloved clay for 30 years.....
  6. looked at my notes and I used Uranyl Nitrate but was in Raku glazes. Sorry not much help. Good luck with your quest.
  7. Don't know if this will help or not, but when I was at Herron School of Art we had a wonderful library, maybe if you were close to an art school that had a library you could go in and check out glaze books which were printed before the time lead/uranium substances became such controversial glaze ingredients. You may find some information useful there. Sorry I can't help you with actual accounts, when I used Uranium-based components it was 30 years ago, but I will go check my notebook from then and see if I can dig anything up for you.
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