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  1. Thank you so much for this great tip. What do you lubricate it with, water or some kind of oil?

    11 minutes ago, liambesaw said:

    Sand the bottom so it's not rough.  Buy this: .https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071VYPL5M/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_i_95b8DbP0Q9NP8  Slap it on a bat, lubricate well, and go to town on the bottom of your plates and mugs and whatever else you don't want marking up tAbles and counters and whatnot.

    I stack plates and bowls in the cupboard and they dont scratch each other.



  2. I fired the kiln to Cone 6 two days ago and it worked well. The time it took was a bit under the time it said it would take. I do have two questions. At the upper temperatures the kiln lid was raised from the ring it sits on about 3/16 of an inch on the side away from the hinge. Is this normal? Also the time was supposed to only got to 2199F but I watched it go to 2215F. I was getting ready to shut it off manually, but as I was debating it finally said Complete. Should I just have shut it off at 2199? I fired 6 pieces and they turned out well but there is some pinholing in the glaze on one of the pieces. I am still learning how to apply glaze, so it could be my error.

  3. I was able to splice a new connector onto the old wire. The wire was in great shape and the new connector went on well and is firmly attached. The wire was not too short to easily be connected again with a bit of slack left. I just turned on the kiln and all the elements are working. Thank you so much for all of the help and suggestions from all who posted. It was a real help.

  4. Thank you so much Neil and Liam. I did leave the thermocouples a few mm of clearance from the end, so I will check those and adjust them. I just checked and I did have a stilt about an inch away from the middle thermocouple. I don’t think that is it, but I may do a slow bisque with an empty kiln to see how the time goes. I’ll have to read how to reset the controller, but that shouldn’t be too hard. I love how easy it is to work on L&L kilns. Of course I’ll love it even more when this problem is solved:)

  5. 1 minute ago, liambesaw said:

    SS are for pre-july 2004 I guess, so should fit yours.  Was just a thought

    I really appreciate it. I just found the same thing. I do need the SS and not the SL. I was actually hoping that was the issue. I really want for my kiln to work. Since I have changed everything I can at this point it may be that not enough volts are going to the kiln. I just looked at the fuse box and the kiln is wired to a double switch each of which says 60. Is that enough power?

  6. 4 hours ago, liambesaw said:

    You sure yours needs the SS ones and not the post 2004 ones? The age of the kiln is right on the border

    That is a great question. I remember something about a change in kilns in 2004. My serial number is 011904-H. If I am reading that right that is January 19, 2004. Is that correct? I am new to all of this. I will look to see if I can find which elements I should be using. You may be correct though since the elements seemed about 6 inches too short when I installed them. 

  7. I did a slow bisque to cone 06 which should take 12.73 hours. I did not have a preheat or a hold at the top temperature. Could the addition of greenware add 3 hours to the cycle? I did find my invoice from the elements and relays. I used six L&L E23t Elements SS 240V, 1-p and three Relay 30 amp 12V. I am going to have a friend who is a master electrician (not the one who installed my electric for the kiln) check the power supply and kiln on Friday to see if he can find an issue.

  8. I bought a used 15 year old  E-23 t kiln that was in  good physical shape but needed new thermocouples, new heating elements, and a new vent system. I replaced them with new ones and now I am trying to get the kiln working. I did a bisque fire to cone 06 with a kiln that is filled but not packed tight by any means, and it took 16 hours to complete. Is this typical or is there still something wrong with the kiln? Any insight would be great. 

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