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  1. Thanks, so many good tips. Do you sand bisqueware or after glazing?
  2. Sorry for this second question. How do you attach it to the bat?
  3. Thank you so much for this great tip. What do you lubricate it with, water or some kind of oil?
  4. My plates have a flat bottom and the top has a slightly raised swirl pattern.
  5. I am a new potter and have made some dinner plates. When I stack them in the cupboard should I put something between the plates to keep the rough bottom of a plate from rubbing the plate beneath it?
  6. It is a 3 zone and the temp shows the second zone. Thanks for the help. I am reassured and will be firing again on Wednesday since it is a rare mid-week day off. I like being home and awake when the kiln is on:)
  7. I fired the kiln to Cone 6 two days ago and it worked well. The time it took was a bit under the time it said it would take. I do have two questions. At the upper temperatures the kiln lid was raised from the ring it sits on about 3/16 of an inch on the side away from the hinge. Is this normal? Also the time was supposed to only got to 2199F but I watched it go to 2215F. I was getting ready to shut it off manually, but as I was debating it finally said Complete. Should I just have shut it off at 2199? I fired 6 pieces and they turned out well but there is some pinholing in the glaze on one of the pieces. I am still learning how to apply glaze, so it could be my error.
  8. I was able to splice a new connector onto the old wire. The wire was in great shape and the new connector went on well and is firmly attached. The wire was not too short to easily be connected again with a bit of slack left. I just turned on the kiln and all the elements are working. Thank you so much for all of the help and suggestions from all who posted. It was a real help.
  9. No connectors and it actually looks like it will be too short once I strip the wire and reconnect. I will check out Home Depot and if I have no luck will go for the KC167
  10. Nothing crispy, just snapped. I’ll see if I can dig up a terminal in my vast array of odds and ends in my hardware area. Thanks for the tip
  11. It looks like a Duncan wire KC167 might work
  12. I found the problem. Is this something I can get at Home Depot or is it a special order from a pottery place? This wire ran from where the electricity enters the control box to the relay.
  13. I just did a paper burn test and was able to see that the bottom two elements are not getting hot. After the kiln cools off I will need to look at the wiring to see if there is a problem. The problem has been identified!! Yay...now for the solution...
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