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  1. Thanks for all the info. In Mexico right now but will keep in mind all of your advise.
  2. Hello Great to hear from you. I am so frustrated with this kiln. Won't be firing until the weather warms up. I would love some advice from you and will email you. Thanks a lot
  3. No I won't be firing again for a while. Weather is too crappy. I am going to call mark Ward and see what he says.
  4. I don't really know. I bought the kiln off a friend of his who had inherited it from him when he died. His friend was not a potter and didn't know anything about the kiln. The kiln looked like it hadn't been fired much, looked almost in new condition even though it was manufactured in 2000.
  5. I'll try that, thanks. Have to wait for better weather
  6. I will have to try that another day but thanks for the idea. Raining and windy, so can't fire.
  7. Which regulator would I have to change. The one at the tank or the one just before the two burners. The one at the tank just changes the psi from the tank to the line. It is adjustable and set at around 5 psi.The other one further down the line changes the 5 psi to 12 inches of water column. Even if I changed the pressure at the tank wouldn't it still be the same coming out of the regulator that measures the 12 inches of water column.
  8. No I don't have a manual. Only instructions I had were the firing procedure manual which states the air discs on the burners should be nearly closed otherwise I will get burnback and damage the burners. Yes same regulator setup as previous owner had.
  9. Love you to come by and see my kiln. A better time would be spring or summer. We are getting windy rainy weather now. Too crappy for fishing. Are you serious your arms are broken. Sorry to hear that. How does some one break two arms.?
  10. Orifice is for a propane fired kiln.
  11. Yes but when I open the air flaps the flame is not steady, it's puffing etc and seems like it may blow itself out which I don't want when I am firing. The difference is so small from steady flame to puffing it's very difficult to adjust any kind of change.
  12. Yes that is what happens when in reduction . . I had a 4 inch flame out of the top peep and a wisp out of the bottom. The temp also rises at this time. The way the burners are now there is a nice blue flame with orange on the tips. That is with the gas fully open. If I open the air vents the burner is noisy and starts puffing. It seems like it has to be almost closed to have a nice steady flame but there is no sound. It is difficult to adjust the air flaps on the bottom of the burner as the difference between a noisy flame and a quiet flame is only a hair difference.
  13. From up to 500 degrees the flame was pulled into the kiln. After that the flame was blown out.
  14. Yes thanks that would be helpful but hard to find as everyone is busy.
  15. No the orifices are not for natural gas. Yes small kiln. 8-9 cubic feet but I need to double check tommorow.
  16. Hello Mark The air flaps are open a smidge. I had one of the old potters here come and look at them. If they are open any more than a smidge I get burn back where the gas is igniting in the throats of the burner and the burner is loud.. I was told by the old potter that this was not correct , that the fire is supposed to ignite at the top of the burner and that Venturi burners are very quiet. i would love to have a glaze firing to cone 6 only take 8 hours. I have tried firing this kiln 4 times. The longest was 19 hours and I did not get to cone 6. Only 2000 degrees. Other firing
  17. Hi Neil Yes. I will post some pictures tommorow afternoon. Thanks. Linda
  18. Yes it does help but I run out of damper adjustments by 1900 degrees. Kiln will be in reduction. My kiln reduces only when damper is in with less than a quarter inch of the chimney open. I then get a nice 4 inch flame out of the top peep.
  19. My problem seems to be too good of a draft. I can see heat billowing out of the chimney and the only way I seem to get heat rise up to cone 010 (this is when I reduce for 45 minutes) is by closing off the damper in increments . By the time I am at cone 010 damper is pretty close to my reduction line. Doesn't seem right. This is with gas turned up full from beginning or gas increased slowly over a longer period of time. How long does it take you to fire to cone 6.
  20. At the tank is a first stage regulator which is in psi. It decreases pressure from the tank to the line. This goes to a second stage regulator which changes the pressure from the line coming out of the tank to 12 inches of water column. The regulator we put on after the second stage regulator is just a dial with a ball valve so we can adjust gas pressure from the second regulator. This line goes to both burners. i think most propane systems have a first and second stage regulator as one unit but mine is separate for some reason. If I am wrong in my above deductions of regulators some
  21. Kiln came with the hoses and regulators. We just put the regulator on to measure inches of water column. yes the burners are set up for propane. We do not have gas here. It is an estrin, no longer made. Thanks
  22. But why was the pressure reading still at 12 inches on the gauge when gas fully on.
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