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  1. Yes but isn't the flat regulator regulating the flow of gas to the burners. So if I adjust the cotrol valve upstream of the regulator there really shouldn't be any change in the flame size as the regulator only allows a certain water column. I am researching trying to find out how much. But if I adjust the control downstream from the regulator I should note a larger difference in flame sizes. Going to play with the control valves upstream and downstream of the regulator and see exactly what changes happen to the flame size with adjustments.
  2. Yes bought from an area that only has propane available. Our small islands do not have natural gas.
  3. No , natural gas not available on our small islands. Only propane.
  4. From my readings it seems like that flat regulator is a second stage regulator and the one at the tank is a first stage regulator. On the flat regulator , the one down from the tank, it says inlet pressure 10 psi. Don't know what outlet pressure is but assume 11 inches of water column as that seems to be the standard. At least for household, don't know if a kiln would be different. My burners are 60,000 BTU's. Also from my readings both regulators are needed. It seems most regulators have first and second stage in one but I seem to have a different setup. When I was firing my kiln I was using the valve between the first and second regulator to control gas to the burners but I am thinking I should be controlling the gas with the valve that is situated at each burner after the flat regulator. What do you think.
  5. I live on Vancouver island. I will try your lighting peice of paper idea. Thanks
  6. Ok, I will try your suggestions when I attempt to fire again. Thanks
  7. THANKYOU. Yes I think my burners were not adjusted correctly. I had the disc at the bottom closed almost tight so will open it next time and see what happens. And be a little more careful with the damper controls. I was thinking it was like a wood stove, close the damper and more heat into the house but with Neil's explanation I was totally wrong. Hopefully I will get this figured out. It's to hot here to fire now, will have to wait for cooler weather.
  8. THANKYOU. Good luck with your firing
  9. Ok I have more air and not too much roaring. Gas is adjusted for rate of climb and I have air blowing out of one spyhole. Can see by candle flame so I have back pressure. To get back pressure I have to put damper in part way. Is that correct? Gas is just open a bit.. i will gradually increase the gas to 1000 degrees. I assume you are talking Fahrenheit. then what do you mean dialing things in. Do I start reducing at 1800. Thankyou
  10. Hi Babbs Am I supposed to be hearing a sort of roaring sound. As I told Neil I have the air discs closed to about 1/8 of an inch. I do get a roaring sound if opened up, BUT how much do I open up. I was adjusting the gas just down from the tank before the flat regulator and before it branches out to two burners. If I adjust at the burners I would have to adjust each one separately . Is that ok My instructions that came with the kiln state that the airdiscs on the bottom of the burners should be nearly closed otherwise I will get burn back in the burners and damage them. Is this correct
  11. The air inlet valves were only open about one eight of an inch. Any further open than that they would become very loud. Is that normal? At one point early mid firing I had flame out of one spy hole. I don't have 2. But if I put a lit candle up to the hole it would blow out instantly during most of the firing.
  12. Hello I have a 9 cubic foot downdraft propane fired gas kiln. I have an 11 foot chimney . I have 2 60,000 BTU Venturi burners. I had a kiln controller but solenoids are disabled so am firing manually and just using the controller for watching the temp increase or decrease. I have a 100 pound propane tank that was over three quarters full. It has a pressure regulator which is set for 4 when tank is turned on. There is also a further flat regulator between the valve to turn the propane on and before the piping branches out to each burner. Not sure what or why that is there. I started firing at around 11:30 am with a preheated kiln 460 F. This preheated temp was from an earlier aborted firing. At 1220 temp was 787 F. Temp rise 327 F Gas open one quarter turn 2:20 pm. 981F. Temp rise. 194 F Gas full open 3:20. 1047F. Temp rise. 66 F adjusted air on burner a bit 4:30 pm. 1080 F. Temp rise 33F gas closed a quarter. 5:30 pm 1440 F Temp rise 360F Damper in half way 6:30 pm 1682 Temp rise 242 Gas increased by one quarter turn Damper 3 inches open. 7:30 1806 temp rise 124 Damper 1.5 inches open Gas open fully 8:30 pm 1890 Temp rise 84 Reduction started at 1824F for one half hour Damper fully in but after 10 minutes pulled back slightly as too much smoke. 9:30 pm. 1967 F Temp rise 77 10:30 1984 F Temp rise 17 I was adjusting damper and gas slightly throughout this time from 9:30 to 12:30 . Sometimes adjustments would make temp decrease or slight increases . 11:30 2031 Temp rise 50F 12:30 2041F Temp rise 10F 12:30-1:30 am 2050 Then stalled Does anyone have any ideas on why I could not reach cone 6. I shut off kiln because at 10 degree increments per hour I would probably still be sitting ther looking at flames. Is there a problem with my burners? They are quiet, are they supposed to be noisy with a more intense flame My flame is blue green at the base with orange on tips. It is about 12-14 inches high and quiet . My pilot light is noisier than burners Or is it the pressure valve on the tank. I just don't know. Any ideas. Thankyou
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