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  1. Marcia, altitude in terms of above sea level? How does that increase....exponentially, linear? I am at 150 ft a.s.l, so i think that makes it a non-issue. But forced air makes it seem doable.
  2. Interesting...i checked....there are high alumina porcelain bodies but they are used for refractory porcelain....think spark plugs, crucibles, things that need ti resist strong alkalis, acids, and molten metals. Every time I think I have a good bead on things, there's something else to learn. I love it! Pres, thanks for whooshing this to a better place.
  3. Tell me more. Porcelains tend to be high alumina bodies, so what ia the idea? Familar with the alumina for salt, but this is straight redux.
  4. Leslie is in Richmond. I am in the east bay....i go to Claypeople for clay, they're 25 minutes from me outside of traffic. i have considered getting East Bay to formulate for me, but would like to sample myself first. They make the clays for a local studio, none of which i like. The porcelain that plucks I mentioned is theirs.
  5. I know. In looking at this....i came across Geostone and remember using it eons ago.
  6. Thanks, everyone. I was really looking for something that would bridge the gap between not having a kiln in my startup studio (by startup, i mean my own with firing), the money that is coming this year that will build out my studio, needing to fire some larger things (anywhere from 12-24", I would live to go taller but would need to go to sections past a certain point) on ideas that I have right now because my community studio kind of whined about something over 9 inches, which is tiny for me. In contrast, the local college studio, the main piece I did was over 48"....i measured the kilns a
  7. I had something similar happen with two 19b platters, and it made me want to cry....mine did not go clean through though. I did some reading in old books and found some sections about different kinds of cracks. Radial cracks, like this, that go from rim to center without following the S-curve pattern point to drying problem. In my case, the platters took a ridiculous amount of time tobget to the point of being able to flip them. Weeks in the damp Cali winter. So the platter rim would harden first even though the rest was still very wet. In my case, the rim itself took a long time.
  8. Funny, I was actually thinking about talking to the local FD. I've dealt with them on other things and they have been very helpful. I was trying to decide how to handle the neighbors..... But of course, burning gets a bit more attention this year than previously, what with the fires and the rain. We're less than an hour from Sonoma, and were house bound for most of a week for the air....me especially since I have asthma.
  9. Thanks, everyone. Next time I buy clay, I'll pick up some Babu and try it. I'm also going to try Geostone again....it's been decades, but I remember liking it. Not sure how it will be for my current work, but local supplier (IMCO is about 75 minutes from here, and the quarry price is $10 less than the closer suppliers.
  10. Neil, I am on the west coast....none of my local suppliers carry Standard clays, and shipping on clay is exorbitant. We have coleman, frost, glacia, nara, daves in porcelain....out here, suppliers are Laguna, Quyle, Aardvark, IMCO. Clay planet also have a few pugged clays but I did not see a porcelain.
  11. Or you could take the cash for a new controller and pedal and buy a soldner pedal and controller and bypass the brent controller altogether. .
  12. I am looking to build a small kiln. Hers my story....i like tall and long things when I work by which i like to make them. My studio access to the larger kilns (higher ceiling is 56") is limited and will kind of run out. I have access to a community studio but the guy I talked to was not very accepting of anything large. (Large for him was a 12 inch vase, which is where my sections start). It got me thinking about what I can do in my community. ( we live in a 1500 sq ft house on 8000sqft with about a third of that on a hill. Our lot is large for the area, so the neighbors ar
  13. Also, the porcelain carves like feshly churned butter in a halcyon dream. So there's that. At the mimnet i only have ^10 access or I'd use Cassius at ^6 because it has the same carving character
  14. Go big or go home. ^ 10 To clarify: I currently do a black and white ware....porcelain slip over black mountain and then carved and sgraffito. I like the contrast. I could and probably will do the black clay for a long time, but i need some visual relief if that makes sense. I also feel like art pots/sculpture will start with black and functional with white clay....partly because i like the blk mountain bare, love the color, but any clear glaze so far turns it gray which i dont like. The rich brown is luscious and very much about the clay being clay and not aomething else, if
  15. I keep saying this to people on other sites.....that the best way to determine the impact of temperature on clay is to measure it with something that responds to heat and time like clay, and that only a cone can measure heat work accurately, because it really measures the absorption of heat by the clay over time. Honestly, I had worked with clay for decades before even hearing the term 'heat work', and then it made so much sense.
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