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  1. thank you all for answers, after all, it was a soap problem i thought it was dry, but in some ways it sealed surface, solved using a wet sponge cleaning the surface! it works well giorgio
  2. Hi all, both photos same thing, I have tried with 2 water porcelain ratio first 0.41 liter per kg and also 0.39 liter per kg, settled for 2 days and sieved. I think at this point that the problem is in mold, It is an Italian plaster I used 1 to 1 water plaster ratio, and used soap for demolding. I noticed that bumps in the pieces are the same in every piece, so it must be a mold issue. I made a mold 70 water 100 plaster but it is too thick, pouring very difficult, I'll try with some more water (waiting mold dry) Giorgio
  3. I will try also waiting 1 or 2 days to fully hydrate slip Thank you
  4. Hi Peter, did not find this water ratio thank you, I will try 0.36 liter per kg. Do you think too much water in my slip could gives these problems?
  5. hi all, i'm having some problems with slip casting, as you can see after 25 minutes my pieces are very defectives, i cannot figure out with this issue. the slip respect water ratio given (it is pc010b porcelain, should be 4,1 liter per kg porcelain) and works well in small one piece mold (espresso cup dimension). the photos shows a water glass 2 pieces mold. thank you for your time giorgio
  6. hi all, sorry for the question, i cannot start the webserver, i'd like to see it, i am waiting fot thermocouple interface and ssr to arrive, followed all steps, but it says cannot import config.py (already copyed as config.py from the exampe one) i can see the file in the kiln-controller directory. thank you giorgio
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