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  1. Hello! I saw your post about the old gare 2327 kiln....I recently acquired one as well and was wondering if you had any luck finding a user manual anywhere? I did find this video that seems useful for firing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aLbGjDlaqc Also wondering if you know what shelves to use with it as mine did not come with any 


  2. I recently purchased an old Gare ( or Evenheat) Kiln model 2327. Evenheat still makes this high fire kiln but, when I searched their website they only provide a manual for their newer model of the 2327. I am looking for the manual pertaining to the older model 2327. the kiln I purchased is equipped with a kiln sitter model LT-3K which has a timer dial as well. the controller uses a series of 6 (on/off) switches to control which elements are heated, I am also looking for a firing schedule for these switches. If you have any tips or suggestions on operating and firing this kiln please feel free to add to the conversation. Any bit of information is helpful. Thanks all!
  3. Hey so I'm new to the community but I have a question in regards to my Shimpo west RK-2 potters wheel. I have been searching for bats that will work with my wheel head. the wheel head on the Shimpo RK-2 has bat pin holes that are 8 inches apart but all I am only able to find Bats with Pin holes 10 inches apart. Where can I find Bats with bat pin holes 8 inches apart or find bats with no bat pin holes so that i can drill them myself?
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