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  1. TY for asking -these are all pinch pots but for bigger vessels I use plastic bowls as slump molds. The biggest green dish at the bottom is exactly 5 inches across, I used the bottom half of a fancy bottle to partly form it around and give it some pattern, then pinched out the edge. The top right and top were both stamped. The fish on the left was wax resist over black underglaze with a gray overglaze, wish it was that nice on the outside. 

  2. Sadly the cassius body decided to warp even more, it was already a bit warped as it dried. I'll keep it as a test and not waste the clear glaze on it. However the slip painting did turn out perfectly, looks about the same as on the greenware photo here. 

  3. My first tall vessel (about 11") Bought this glaze as "emerald mist" but I can't seem to find any google hits for it. Never did anything in tests, it just looked bleh, now this. I wish I hadn't wiped so much off the red clay body, it's gorgeous on the inside. 

    If there are still two images of the other side could someone possibly delete one of them? I tried but the site just told me I couldn't look at the image anymore when I clicked on it. 

  4. They are spiral kiln plugs, at least that's what they are now because I could have sworn I glazed them, but I didn't and they all cracked due to design flaws except the one I did glaze...and I did not know that about the kiln posts, however I bought far more than I needed to fill the kiln, I was just short on work to glaze. I wanted to get my neighbor's mug done before he left (think he's a fisherman, I owe him a favor) but too late he already split for Alaska, aargh!

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