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  1. Thanks, folks. Unless we have the valve for the pilot barely open we would get to 212 in a jiff!
  2. Perhaps I am misinformed, Bill. I thought for candleing the temp. needs to stay below 212, and 187 was the closest we could come below that temp. If 212 were not an issue our lives would be much simpler!
  3. Thanks, all. We finally managed to stabilize it at 187-ish with pilot only, open only 1 1/8 turn. This is good news for us because now we can sleep through the night!
  4. Sorry, I should have said. Yes, pilot light only, but we have to constantly turn it up or down to keep the temp. steady.
  5. Hi, I've had a number of successful bisque firings with this tin can (size 2827) but haven't been able to stabilize the temperature below 212F to candle overnight. The peep holes and flue are open. I've read that some electric kiln users leave the top open. Would that help? Any advice appreciated.
  6. Thanks, Mark. Very helpful. Yes, the kiln is converted from electric to gas. Tomorrow will be our first glaze firing--we've managed two bisques. So Today's project is the oxyprobe and support, and kiln wash.
  7. Thanks, Mark. I'll wait for your photo. The Econox people say to have the probe inside 5 centimeters. We're using the ceramic tube they sent as a sheath. Does the probe stick outside the sheath or is it entirely covered by it? Finally, my kiln has a lid, not a door, so we were thinking somewhere on the side.
  8. Hi, I posted earlier about buying an oyprobe from the swiss company Econox. We now need to install it in our Olympic Torchbearer updraft gas kiln. What should we use to drill through the metal layer and the soft brick? In terms of location, I've read all the threads, but none refer to this type of kiln. We're thinking a few inches either side of the thermocoupler. Thanks for your help.
  9. I'm surprised because a person named Cyril got back to me right away, several times.
  10. My quote to North Carolina was $691, delivered.
  11. You asked for a photo when the probe arrived from Econox, so here it is. The probe arrived in a sturdy wooden box with a screwed down lid. Included were the probe and meter, a loose ceramic tube to use as a sheath, a narrow hose to connect for fresh air, and a device that filters the air. Manual. And an Econox baseball cap! I'll need to figure out how to cut the loose ceramic tube, because it is too long for the probe. I'll also need to figure out where and how to insert it.
  12. Heres my take as I answered yes and they said it would be free to add on. They do not use in Europe the outer protection tube but they will put on if you ask or they did in my discussion with them. You need this outer tube to protect your wire so make sure that is what you are getting in your order Other than that keep in mind that somneday you will need it repaired (platuin wire wears out after hundreds of firings)I have worn out about 3-4 of them. so Axnerand Bailey and Geil are the only repair places. Giel is a bit spendy on repair-My last repair
  13. The link cited by Bill Kielb is the one I used.
  14. Has anyone tried this company's oxy-probe? They are Swiss. I was just quoted a price, delivered to NC, that is about half Axner's price. Thanks.
  15. got it. One last question: does it matter what metal I use to make the hood? I read that one person used roofing metal, another used sheet metal.
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