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  1. Thanks to you all. Bill, you designed the venting setup for my torchbearer. With photos and measurements Geil has drawn an elevation that lets me use the B vent pipe I already have. They will supply a different hood. Mark, that's good to know about the DD controller and not moving it, which I'm not planning to do. Manual reduction is fine. Redbourn
  2. Neil, Thanks for the cautions. I already have a used, Olympic gas torchbearer that this would replace. It was cheaper to get gas to my shed than electricity, believe or not. I need to discuss the venting with Geil to see if anything in place can be adapted for the Geil. I'm glad you think the medium duty will hold up to light use. Redbourn
  3. Hi, Do you have this kiln or have any feedback about it? I'm an amateur, would probably fire--bisque or glaze--no more than once a month, and can't justify spending more than this. All replies welcome! Redbourn
  4. Thanks, folks. Unless we have the valve for the pilot barely open we would get to 212 in a jiff!
  5. Perhaps I am misinformed, Bill. I thought for candleing the temp. needs to stay below 212, and 187 was the closest we could come below that temp. If 212 were not an issue our lives would be much simpler!
  6. Thanks, all. We finally managed to stabilize it at 187-ish with pilot only, open only 1 1/8 turn. This is good news for us because now we can sleep through the night!
  7. Sorry, I should have said. Yes, pilot light only, but we have to constantly turn it up or down to keep the temp. steady.
  8. Hi, I've had a number of successful bisque firings with this tin can (size 2827) but haven't been able to stabilize the temperature below 212F to candle overnight. The peep holes and flue are open. I've read that some electric kiln users leave the top open. Would that help? Any advice appreciated.
  9. Thanks, Mark. Very helpful. Yes, the kiln is converted from electric to gas. Tomorrow will be our first glaze firing--we've managed two bisques. So Today's project is the oxyprobe and support, and kiln wash.
  10. Thanks, Mark. I'll wait for your photo. The Econox people say to have the probe inside 5 centimeters. We're using the ceramic tube they sent as a sheath. Does the probe stick outside the sheath or is it entirely covered by it? Finally, my kiln has a lid, not a door, so we were thinking somewhere on the side.
  11. Hi, I posted earlier about buying an oyprobe from the swiss company Econox. We now need to install it in our Olympic Torchbearer updraft gas kiln. What should we use to drill through the metal layer and the soft brick? In terms of location, I've read all the threads, but none refer to this type of kiln. We're thinking a few inches either side of the thermocoupler. Thanks for your help.
  12. I'm surprised because a person named Cyril got back to me right away, several times.
  13. My quote to North Carolina was $691, delivered.
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