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    Just got into wheel throwing March 2016 as part of a Christmas gift for my wife and I. I'm hooked now and can't get enough of making and learning new things with the wheel and clay.
  1. Thanks for all of the advice. I went ahead and remade the SCM yesterday starting with a pint of water. I mixed them up and left them sit overnight. I will sieve them this afternoon when I get some time in the studio. I do have a spray set up ready to go, but I'll probably dip the first tests and maybe I'll do a few other tiles with something layered over the top just to see how they turn out.
  2. Good to know, so the pint may be a little low to begin with, but will give me more room to add water on the other end? Thank you for the info. Had a feeling it was just way too thin for application at this point.
  3. First of, I did see a few posts about SCM from the past, but it seemed most of them sputtered out before it got into some of the questions I wanted to ask here. Hope that's ok that I started a new thread. Does anyone have any pictures or info on how SCM cool or warm look on their own? I'm mixing glazes myself for the first time and I think I was given some wrong advice as to how much water I should start with. After reading through the glaze section in John Britt's book I'd say I started with about 4-5 times more water than the 1 pint recommendation for 1000g of dry materials. I've be
  4. AlanJanzen

    Year 1

    A few of my favorites from my first year of wheel throwing.
  5. Thanks, Mark. I haven't been to Roadrunner since I work 8-5 and wouldn't be able to make it over there before they close. I'll have a day off at some point to head that way. Currently I just pick stuff up at the studio or Amazon if I need it. I know our studio does some of its shopping at Roadrunner, so there is a bit of a connection. I don't sell online yet. I'm still working on developing my skills and knowledge, but maybe at some point I will. We did attend an arts show as a studio that went pretty well. We'll see how things go, I started due to buying wheel throwing lessons as a
  6. It's the Amaco Potter's Choice Albany Slip Brown high fire. I brushed the stem in black underglaze, then brushed on the PC in 2 thick coats.
  7. Thanks, it stemmed from my not wanting to spend so much time texturing the coral mugs. Thought it might be nice to just do a little portion of a mug and it turned out great. Right now this is the only one I've done, but I plan to do more at some point. Need to put on the Cassius a little thicker next time.
  8. Ha! I didn't want to mess up this little guy with a cheesy jack-o-lantern face. I'm hoping it'll look great as a centerpiece at Thanksgiving dinner maybe!
  9. Just added some things to the gallery, figure I'd start showing some of my stuff as I've just been hiding out taking in all of your very helpful info!

    1. glazenerd


      Some cool stuff.

    2. AlanJanzen


      Thanks, I appreciate it!

    3. GiselleNo5


      Nice! I love those black coral tumblers you made!


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