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  1. And this is why the Hudson Valley is famous for its brickworks Lotta old brick kilns out and about as well.
  2. I've recently started playing with SC, my first test only used 3.4% SC and fired to ^6 it was white. (There's also a bit of green glaze showing at the top). Using more SC has just given me a nasty black result. I would try reducing the amount of SC. lava.jpg you know what? that's gorgeous, and i'm taking your advice into the shop tonight. thank you. im well into that dark black vibe and i got some really interesting textures but couldnt get that lovely color you got, which i reallllly wanted.
  3. So, Ive been playing with a few 'lava' style glaze recipes to obtain a similar effect to this: Using silicon carbide yields some wonderful bubbling and crawling but the color is pretty much dark grey or darker at cone 5/6. Lava recipes..: slip 100 silicon carbide 10 calc. carbonate (whiting) 25 feldspar 50 epk 12.5 silica (quartz) 12.5 silicon carbide 12.5 Now something I read, is barium sulfate can be a substitute for silicon carbide here. Which sounds great to me because its cheaper and lighter colored, and I want to get as close to white as possible with the glaze. However, nothing I do with barium sulfite in the above recipes has the same effect, all I end up with are these weird peeling crawls that look very little like lava and very much like scar tissue. Interesting maybe but not really the direction I wanna go. So Im wondering if anyone here has actually use barium sulfate specifically for a good lava glaze effect? Thanks!
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