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  1. GA_Clayman67

    Glaze Combinations

    Recent 60-mug commission with 6 different glaze combinations
  2. Is back in the game after 37 years away!

  3. For some reason, I'm having difficulty loading a picture. Thought I had - but apparently not. First - thanks for the input and I agree saying "no" is the best path to take for all the reasons given. Having said that, the customer doesn't expect an exact duplicate and DID order (and paid for) 4 custom thrown dinner plates. Jim's right, though, I'm more interested in the white glaze - will keep trying to upload. Thanks, all! Art
  4. A customer brought this mug to me yesterday, wondering whether I could make a companion piece. The duplication's not the challenge, but the glaze is. I've always wanted a whitish glaze and this is the one! I'm throwing Laguna Bmix5 and firing in oxidation. I'd be happy with either a commercial glaze or a recipe if I can get anywhere near this effect. Thanks for whatever suggestions anyone might have. Art
  5. Maryjane... thanks... Saran Wrap's a real pain - delighted to hear a paper towel works as well!
  6. Thank you! I like the idea of corn starch - will try that next time around.
  7. Back into the clay after 37-years away and I'm having what has to be a simple problem, but I'm flummoxed! Making very basic business card holders from slabs. I'm draping the cut piece of clay over a plastic covered 2x4 and letting it sit for 24-hours - also covered. Then, removing the plastic and allowing the pieces to dry on the 2x4. My problem: nearly all the pieces are cracked after the second day and unusable. What can I do to prevent this? Many thanks in advance! Art Carlson
  8. I'm back into pottery after a 25 year layoff and one of the FIRST things I did was scout around for anything that would shorten and/or simplify the trimming process. I ordered the Bailey Quick Trim bat and cannot recommend it highly enough! The challenge is still getting the pot centered for trimming, but once you've done it, the quick release magnets hold the piece beautifully (they're cushioned so you don't damage the piece) and you'll whip through the process in no time! I'm now planning to get the larger bat for platters and large bowls. Let there be no hesitation in your mind -- this is one FINE product!! Art Carlson Whistle Tree Pottery
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