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  1. This is the earliest known prototype of the modern hot air balloon. The engineers were very hope but production never got off the ground.
  2. I've used these everywhere I've worked for almost 20 years now and they are great. I have three in mine, two in our teaching studio, one in production/kiln area, two in the house and one small one somewhere else at a place I make special guest appearances at that I can't talk about.
  3. We use pyrometric bars. Have you readjusted and reached max flux capacitance yet?
  4. "What's on my mind"? Boy, if that aint askin' fer trouble...I don't know what is... :)

  5. We use pyrometric bars. Adjust the sitter again, throw the gauge away and use the force. I set mine by eye/feel/flux capacitance. Total spiritual creaminess can be achieved through the focusing of Chi. If you have a problem with unfocused Chi, I recommend one of these: http://chia.com/chia-pets/
  6. Try adjusting the sitter: http://www.hotkilns.com/how-do-i-adjust-my-kiln-sitter
  7. That's a tough call. IMO pieces of equipment are just like people; everything ages, some more than others. While one individual of a certain vintage may be in poor shape, another may be perfectly fine. I once knew a man that at 87 could work men half his age "into the shade". What he was capable of doing would most certainly hospitalize, if not kill; most men that old. We have a Skutt KS 1227 here from the 70's that was given to us; it's old and beat up but it does work. We used it as an overflow/backup kiln for our production runs and it worked great despite having been put through seve
  8. One of these? I'd say get an electrician too. I'm a former Harley and Honda tech. Nothing against your uncle, but there isn't anything in there remotely close to motorcycle electrical. That appears to be all AC and a completely different animal to anything on wheels (aside from an EV). You need someone with electrical experience, not mechanical.
  9. Ya know folks eat bentonite so just open up a smoothy place that features "good earth" smoothies.
  10. If you don't have the room for this you can made something similar. http://ceramicartsdaily.org/clay-tools/making-clay-tools/how-to-make-a-better-homemade-sink-trap-for-your-pottery-studio/ You will definitely need to do something or you will pay the price with the plumber. We using something similar to the above but just a 5 gallon bucket used as a single stage (above it two) that feeds into the top of the bucket and then out the side to the drain pipe. We once had a plastic garbage can instead of the 5 gallon bucket at the old studio. Pretty much anything will work as long as it's water
  11. Yeah, I've dated women that were built like rolling pins too.....but once you've had a few drinks......
  12. It appears the doc hasn't been here since Feb. Replaced the pot with what value, are you sure you got the right one? CI only lists one pot (5K) and that only works on the late model Bosses. I'm unfamiliar with the HPs but I know the early CB's used a 1 meg pot.
  13. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have been asked this exact question. My reply has always been, "That's like calling the doctor and telling him your arm hurt and asking him why"....
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