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    Pottery: handbuilding, slab building, illustrated pottery, fossils and ferns

    Also: birding, house rabbits, geology, natural history

    Clay Guild of the Cascades

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  1. You definitely need some way to vent the chemicals that burn out of the clay during firing. As a lab tech a few years ago, I tried to work in the same room while the bisque kiln was firing and quickly got nauseous. I have an Envirovent on my Skutt Kiln in my studio (garage). It works best when you crack a window open to allow fresh air to enter the room as the envirovent pushes it out. I also fire the kiln overnight and air out the room in the morning. One of the most clever (and most expensive) set ups I saw was a small, separate kiln room (off the main studio) with its own garage door
  2. Handbuilt pottery using leaves from the Pacific Northwest. © 2010 Diana Popp
  3. Hand built ceramic Boxes ©2000-2010 Diana Popp
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