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  1. Thanks for all of the great suggestions! The area that crawled was reasonably small -- about 2mm x 6mm. I scraped the area with a dental tool, added clear glaze and refired the piece. It looks just fine. Great idea about using a diamond pad to smooth the edges. Those are spendy little guys, but they're so useful! Thanks again! Diana
  2. I just pulled out of the kiln a large cone 6 bowl with a fern imprint. The imprint was first handpainted with stains, then entire bowl was glazed with clear. In three deeper recesses of the fern stem, the clear glaze either pulled away or didn't adhere, leaving three dry areas where food could catch. What is the best way to repair these flaws (and still allow the bowl to be safe for food)? Reglaze & refire (slowly, of course, as it could fracture in a refire)? Other creative ideas? Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. You definitely need some way to vent the chemicals that burn out of the clay during firing. As a lab tech a few years ago, I tried to work in the same room while the bisque kiln was firing and quickly got nauseous. I have an Envirovent on my Skutt Kiln in my studio (garage). It works best when you crack a window open to allow fresh air to enter the room as the envirovent pushes it out. I also fire the kiln overnight and air out the room in the morning. One of the most clever (and most expensive) set ups I saw was a small, separate kiln room (off the main studio) with its own garage door. They just opened the garage door while firing. Good luck and definitely protect your health!
  4. Handbuilt pottery using leaves from the Pacific Northwest. © 2010 Diana Popp
  5. From the album: Leaf Pottery

    Handbuilt ceramic platter using cone 6 clay, sword fern, painted underglazes and clear glaze. ©2010 Diana Popp

    © ©2010 Diana Popp

  6. Hand built ceramic Boxes ©2000-2010 Diana Popp
  7. From the album: Illustrated Ceramic Boxes

    Hand built ceramic box by Diana Popp. www.NatureGirlStudio.com

    © ©2000-2010 Diana Popp

  8. From the album: Illustrated Ceramic Boxes

    Hand built ceramic illustrated box.

    © © 2000-2010 Diana Popp

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