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  1. Tea cups, Chinese prefer smaller tea cups with frequent refills of fresh hot tea, that's what my wife tells me. If not tea also the right size for baijiu although it seems any size in China is the right size for baijiu... I've had some very long nights in China fueled on this stuff.


    I used this cup to test overglaze, Both pics are the same cup showing both sides one side says "heart" the other "soul" in Chinese.

  2. Hi Tom,

    OCD they call it I think, ha... it's easy actually, the sides are straight and last thing is to slow the wheel a little and I take a little stick with a round end at the bottom inside, quickly move up and let it run a few revs at the top to keep things round...ta da!


  3. Joseph, nerd, thank you... some I sign some I forget cause they are tough to turn over green and it just never happens, but I try. My dream, every potters dream I'll bet that someday someone wonders who made that, I hope mine are still around and someone cares enough to think about it, cultures are often identified by their pottery as not much else lasts the test of time.

  4. The iPhone 5 has its limitations, I broke about a third of the cups in half after testing the ring sound with a small metal hammer. The ones with a dull sound I broke in half and most show shiny black carbon deposits. also had very uneven firing, the way I loaded the kiln may have been some of the problem and my burners may need a little work.

  5. Creative spirit ebbs and flows... I have spent the last 6 months traveling back and forth to the high Sierra prospecting for gold, giving clay a break. Other times if I'm in a rut I will just throw forms and not even focus on the glaze, pieces sometimes move to the garden unglazed as decorations.

  6. Hi Marko, I threw the five main body parts and one extra head piece (the first was to large) on one evening in the studio and an evening putting the pieces together after things firmed up and doing a little detail work. also some time planning things out, but the work goes pretty fast if the thrown pieces are sized correctly.


    also spent an evening finishing this head off and throwing the ears and horns.

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