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    I began my journey in clay in 1970 and have never regretted getting my clothes dirty ever, in addition to ceramic art i enjoy prospecting in the mountains, collecting jade and fishing on my boat.

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  1. I have been waiting for six months to see these results. Well worth the wait.

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    2. glazenerd


      Getting away from clay is needful as well. The potter's passion for clay is a consuming fire at times. Gets really intense when you get on the path of a new glaze, form, or technique.

    3. glazenerd


      Keep experimenting, watching with interest.

    4. 1515art


      Thanks Tom, I've never put much effort into my glazes mostly going with what was available and trying to make it work, sometimes with success and sometimes not so much. I can do pretty much with the clay  as I wish I think, I'm a novice working with glaze chemistry and my experiments salvage jobs at best. Not that they don't work...the end result of the combination of glaze, and firings winds up being to complex to depend on. So the search for bright colors I like continues my last c6 celadon was disappointing , my own fault doing little bits here and there with ceramics I need to focus. 

      I'm in the north Nevada desert now finding everything but gold, tacks, bird shot, nails, bullets...did I say bullets lots of bullets and shells, tiny tiny bits of rust up to big old pieces of tin...spent the better part of today finding and replacing one of my tires that turned into something resembling a birds nest, the Nevada desert hates tires you see their shredded remains everywhere out here.

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