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  1. My Dancing Ladies Hydria made it through bisque! Next I have to get it glazed. Can I still post it here when it is done?
  2. This looks beautiful Joseph! I was thinking of doing a combination of potters choice glazes to get a metallic look. But if it ever dries, I think I'll leave the pot clay body, and just underglaze the figures.
  3. I joined this community because the challenge inspired me. I'd love to see people's results even if after the deadline. I know that it will be several weeks, best case scenario at the community center before I can get it through two firings. But first it has to dry very slowly. I'm not sure it will still make it, but I'd like to give it the best possible chance. I'm looking forward to the next challenge too!
  4. Instead of my original sketch ideas, I have decided to add this instead. The way the pot turned out in reality was different than what I had imagined with my sketch pad. Funny how that happens. So the feel is very different with this little one, but I really like it. I decided that they side handle ladies needed to have their arms down the side of the pot. I wrapped their arms in very wet paper towel and then plastic bag for awhile and then smooshed the arm down to the pot with some slip added to the join. I was against it at first attachment, but after walking away and coming back, I didn't like the arms not following the pot profile. Today I'll attach the little girl. Then I'll have to tie my hands behind my back so as not to keep playing with it. I keep seeing so much more that I want to do with it, but part of my vision is also to let the adult ladies stay more symbolic, not so detailed as the child. Once attached, the very slow drying process will be hard to wait through. I hope that nothing cracks. Interesting thing I discovered after picking the poses due to the aesthetics that I wanted, it turns out the names of the poses are both Scorpion. Hmm.
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    Hydria Progress

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  6. I found out this is called Scorpion pose Turns out this is as well! I didn't like the arms stuck down the the side with the side handles, felt like the balance was off. (gravity and all) So I'm going to cover it and wait until the morning and see what I want to do. I might have to break the arms and add them down the side. Maybe have the other leg grow out of the pot, and the hand and arm stay dangling. Not sure. I may change my original idea for the front post too. Not sure how it will work now that the neck is longer than I had originally planned. Funny how the sketch can change with reality. Things to ponder...
  7. I really like the ear created by the tube and the shadow. Very clever!
  8. You will just do slip and score assembly once to more equal dryness?
  9. Did you poke a hole in the end for drying purposes once attached to the pot?
  10. I LOVE this! I can't wait to see what you do with the glazing part. It snowed today, here in North Carolina that is quite rare. Everything is closed or cancelled. Lots of time to work on my ladies. Did you have to alter the head for assembly on the pot? In the photo, the pre-work seemed a longer snout. I'm worried about the extra weight on my drying pot. I don't want to miss that sweet spot as the right leather hard to attach it, but I also don't want to cause the top to collapse! I think I'll do a bit of both, a bit of "off the pot" and a bit of "on the pot".
  11. Still random order. Pot with bowl half covered and neck/top part getting air in my "mouse hole" chuck. WHen I trimmed the lid right side up after initially trimming everything, it was too wet and the neck started to sink. So I turned it upside down and let everything try to equalize, and then covered it this way for about 8 hours. It did the trick! Uncovered pot upside down on the pot "finished" base pot next to two different size rolled oats container for size comparison. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to put white slip on it first, or just do my ladies next. Which would be somewhat easier on the same color clay body. But white slip will be easier to do underglaze on… But maybe that will be another version of this…
  12. Tried to upload a profile pic. Can't do that it seems. I'll try to upload these photos backward and see if that works. In who knows what order… The chuck with lugs to hold the lid on the lid that I had to wire off twice and still use a fettling knife on because it was so wet (warning sign) Other parts were firm enough, but this part was thicker and wet. The bowl on top being marked on the lid. Where I slipped and scored both parts. The "mouse holes" in the chuck so that the neck would dry while I covered the bowl part The trimmed bowl attached to the lid upside down on the chuck.
  13. Thanks so much everyone for your comments! I have to say that I am more than a little bit frustrated with the ease of use of this forum. I don't know if it is my computer (old 2008 IMac) or the way it interacts here. I can select multiple files to attach, but only one loads at a time. So I hate to spam everyone with one at a time, but I'm not sure how I can caption photos unless I add them to my gallery again, but then how will you know which are the new ones? And the gallery didn't upload in chronological order either. So strange. This photo is the chuck I threw to hold and trim the pieces on. I put newspaper on so that I could center the top more easily. Pros are that it is easy to center. Cons are that it moves easily! lol. I had to put lugs/bumpers on to hold the top from moving while I trimmed it. I'll see if I can load that second. I'm guessing it won't. Sigh. It DID! The second image with the orange bat was the top being lowered into the chuck. I'll have to come back to upload the lugs and other bits. My computer now seems to see the photos I saved to iPhoto now! Yay!
  14. Not sure if this will work, but here are photos (I think) of my progress in trying to do this in several pieces, as well as my notes for how to do it. Now I'm off to check to see if things have dried enough to try putting the lid in the chuck. I'm thinking I'll put newspaper over the lid before turning it upside down in there for trimming. Wish me luck!
  15. My first attempt failed, but now I have a big bowl! I like the challenge. Nice to meet you all! I'm a newbie here!
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