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  1. I thought is was like toilets flushing and tropical storm rotation, it depends on your location relative to the equator? Richard
  2. What is this space for anyway?

  3. Mad Potter of Three Lakes

  4. 18 inch tall pot with copper red accents, 2nd to last firing from my converted downdraft Torchbearer kiln
  5. Coleman Tea Dust, Davis shino and oribe cups and bowls
  6. From a Cone 10R firing in my old converted Olympic Torchbearer kiln. I converted it to true downdraft flame path and it was working pretty well, though the firing after this was a bit of a bummer, I did get several good cone 10R firings out of it before I built my new kiln.
  7. The lidded vessel was a re-fire from an earlier attempt to convert an old olympic torchbearer to down draft that was a little under fired
  8. Still thinking about how to engineer a hung door...
  9. Build the chimney FIRST! No matter how hard I tried to lay it out to line up with the hole already sawn in the roof I missed the mark by 3 inches!
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