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    Raku, functional ware, kiln building, Shino experiments, throwing, woodworking, Single malt scotch,

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Oh wow, just now found this. Not a Luddite, really. So now the "About me page" notification can quit nagging me. Am a potter for science and for fun living in Northern Wisconsin. Love throwing, less so slab work though do some to explore shapes. Like large and small forms, Claim to be a functional potter but secretly could do Raku every day and be happy. I just built my first real kiln and am already thinking of building the next to improve on design. Want very much to have option of wood firing as well as other conventional fuel sources. Sell enough pottery to cover costs of glaze chemicals, clay, large equipment and fuel for propane kiln, give the rest away to family and benifit auctions in the region (breast cancer, domestic violence shelter, food pantry and pretty much anyone that askes). Wife in charge of culling pots, had to let that go and learn to not get too attatched. Surprised to find that she has saved more than a few from the midden that now years later are personal faves of mine.

I have 2 electric kilns, 7 and 10.7 cu ft, a large top hat Raku kiln I made a couple of years ago and love having Raku parties. I just finished a 22 cubic foot downdraft kiln that I have fired for the first time 2 weeks ago. I work with mostly stoneware and raku body but really enjoy occasional porcelain excursions. Hero worship for Mackenzie, Hamada, Leach. Am very influenced by traditional "old school" Japanese aesthetic. Love to see work and vids by Riggs, Davis, Button, Leach, Hill and many other contemporary potters, would love to get to more workshops to learn new stuff, though the internets are fertile ground for stuff to explore. Did a great Raku workshop this summer in New Richmond (eat at the Nova Grill in Hudson Wi) and last May went to spend a weekend at Simon Leaches studio in Pa.

If I missed anything dont hesitate to ask! Come and visit for a Raku party, but must like large dogs and not be allergic to cats. In summer can come for up to week to help with heavy lifting for kiln build if enough notice and not too much travel.

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