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    My Husband & 4 Tibetan Spaniel Dogs, Pottery, Fishing, Cooking & Canning home grown food from my huge Garden, Nature, Rock-hounding, Target Shooting, Caving, Cross Stitch, Crochet, Oil Painting, Reading, & a few more lol
  1. LOL Babs.. you are right.. Ned Kelly rides again
  2. Never try dictation with your Cat..... Dogs are much better typists
  3. IF you could get the block of bone china , not sure how ... it could be possible but not feasible due to time & cost. You will need Diamond bits ... Spindle speed multiplier to 30,000 rps just for starters & would be a very long expensive process
  4. ShellS

    Forest Flight

    love this one especially
  5. Thank you all for the lovely warm welcome. You made this old lady smile I have been doing pottery for 10 years now so I would not say an old pro... probably just old lol I make what makes me smile & if others smile as well I usually end up giving it to them as a gift , afterall how much pottery can 1 house hold (I over did the Vases, Coffee cups, Bowls etc stage Went on to Halloween Cauldrons & Haunted houses etc Even pond items for a friend I guess I like to make unusual things, a sculpture I named Algiz ( rune of protection ) sort of Gargoyle typish but not lol & the latest phase being some Old Wisemen trees. Recently I have been in a rut so did some useful no brain strain items, some brownie pans, bread pans, dishes & even some dogbone shaped dogbowls. I just finshed some Birdfeeders & BirdHouses for the Porch as I have some birds which nest there each year so decided they might as well be comfortable Now from useful to frivillous I have decided to decorate a huge tree I have off my back porch. I am in the process of making doors & windows, some with window boxes which I will fill with sunflower seeds & corn (squirrel feeders). I guess I havn't found my niche yet
  6. Hi everyone. My name is ShellS & this is my 1st post I was born in Australia, & been living in the USA since 1998 I am not professional as I have had to self teach from books & trial & error, as unfortunately there are no Potters anywhere near my area. I live way out in the boondocks on 20 acres with no neighbors but lots of wildlife for company. I don't drive so rely on my husband to get around & the internet for most of my supplies. Lately I have been feeling in a rut & wishing once again there were some other potters I could talk with for some advice/motivation; etc & just to chat with Thank goodness for Satellite internet !!! I have been reading & enjoying the CAC articles & the Forums, Even though seeing all the titles-: Professor, Dr, Teacher etc has made me feel inadequate/worried about commenting, I have finally decided to be brave & join the Forum so I could say... " Hello & Thank you " to you all. You wouldn't believe just how much your posts have meant to me
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