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    Talihina Oklahoma
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    My Husband & 4 Tibetan Spaniel Dogs, Pottery, Fishing, Cooking & Canning home grown food from my huge Garden, Nature, Rock-hounding, Target Shooting, Caving, Cross Stitch, Crochet, Oil Painting, Reading, & a few more lol

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I was born in Australia & moved to the USA in 1998   Paid my dues; Lawyers etc & am an American citizen

I live way out in the boondocks on 20 acres with lots of wildlife for company,  unfortunately there are no other Potters anywhere near my area to talk to or share with.   Believe me I have looked, searched etc.

That is why I thought to give this forum a go and perhaps find like souls, perhaps even some online friends.??

I do not hold any professional degrees instead I have a big heart , a huge imagination & the willingness to explore, I admit there has been a lot of trial & error over the years but as long as I treat everything as a learning curve I have fun & keep smiling.

At least I have my clay & all my own equipment to keep me sane :).. well i think I am still sane ????



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