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  1. Thank you for your comment....yes I had an enormous response..I couldn't have been more pleased...it is the first time I haves showed my sculptures but third for paintings...I was fortunate enough to have the show space entirely to myself
  2. Jude


    Recent pieces from a small show on the west coast of Far North New Zealand, a place called Opononi.
  3. FOLLOW UP: thanks again everyone!! :-)))) Used the shelf wash mix to make a paste ...I used it to repair jagged edges on my props so I felt more confident when they are stacked....it wasn't applied too thickly...and dried pretty quickly but I still waited a couple of days JIC and it all fired with no problems...great stuff that wadding
  4. HI ALL.... I think I've been unclear...electric kiln...wadding mixture as follows from elsewhere on the forum..John I think.. "Kaolinitic Clay" as a term (unusual) basically says it is something that is more or less a kaolin. Mix that 50% with 50% alumina hydrate... and you have "kiln wadding". Any kaolin with 50% alumina hydrate will work as wadding pretty darn well. In fact,...... for gas and electric high fire...... 50% kaolin and 50% silica works OK. Or 33.3% any kaolin, 33.3% alumina hydrate, 33.3% silica is a pretty standard kiln shelf wash mix that makes a good (non woodfire/sa
  5. Hi I am new to participating in this forum. Have been using the site and your discussions to educate myself on all aspects of kilns, firing, glazes etc. Just discovered "wadding" recipe (by John) and uses...wow!...so basic question...how dry does wadding between props and shelves need to be before firing? (low temp ...1080C) Thanks so much for consideration and responses. kindest thoughts across the waves and oceans in New Zealand Jude
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