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  1. just a few pots - I'm a 3 year old potter inside a 50 year old woman's body :-)
  2. I know this is an old post, but it's the most relative one to my search. I've determined that 'Industrial Designer' is more accurate than either "artist" or "manufacturer" when it comes to being a potter. After all, we ARE designing a "product", aren't we ? Well, I guess, in my case, that is what I'm doing, but perhaps a ceramic sculptor should fall under artist. I am a maker of utilitarian / functional ceramic work, so I'm going with product design/industrial design. Thoughts ? Since the IRS uses this code for statistical reasons, it would be interesting to know how many potters have defined themselves as artists and how many otherwise. Lori Hess www.claybirdpotterystudio.com
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