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  1. I use a simple stool that I made. I added about a one inch bar to the back legs that is attached by hinges. When the bar is down the effect is to tip me forward into the wheel. This reduces back strain. If this description is not clear pull up the stool marketed by shimpo and you will see the concept. John
  2. I have an old Skutt wheel. The controller is fried. Motor and wheel head are fine. Anyone with parts out there that would help me? Conversely can I help someone else? It would be nice for someone to end up with a functional wheel. This was my trimming wheel for 30 years. John. Johnlanger1948@gmail.com
  3. I use old candles from a thrift store, melted in an electric fry pan. A few drops of lamp oil added will help the melted wax flow onto the dipped piece. Set the pan on the lowest temp to keep it fluid. Caution as this is flammable. I have seen Vaseline used in a school setting. It ended up on surfaces and areas of pots where it wasn't wanted. I use liquid wax on a piece of cut sponge for larger pieces. The sponge cleans with hot soapy water. John
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