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  1. Really happy with how a piece turned out but the glaze was a bit thick and it has pin holes in the center. Tried to find some info on the internet and am only coming across refiring to ^6. I am hesitant to do this because I really like the run in my glaze and am worried it will change it too much if I go for a full refire. So I am wondering if I could apply a clear 04 glaze over this portion and put it in with my bisq? Also, does any one know of any reliable 04 clear they would suggest- pretty new or making my own glazes.
  2. Um, know this post is super old but my bfs mom is rather sick and he has asked me when the time comes if I could make him and his siblings pottery with their mothers ashes somehow. Did you have any luck with the glaze or putting the ash in the pottery? I would appreciate any help, thanks.
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