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  1. I saw an old post of yours, searching for recommendations about Rhode or Nabertherm kiln. Which one did you purchase after all?  And what is your experience with the chosen one?

    I'm asking as I'm trying to decide myself. I have a 20 years old Rhode (working great to 1250 C) but need a new one (for cone 10).




    1. Min


      Hi Mirjam, I would suggest messaging @agafdesign with your questions. They haven't been on the forum for a couple years so likely won't see your post here. Just click on the envelope icon at the top of the screen and fill in the message box that pops up. They will get an email letting them know about the message.

  2. Now I found an artist Tiger Wong Ho Lun who seems to do similar technique. Will see if he is willing to share the idea, technique ....
  3. Yes, I know lava glaze gives you the same surface, but I would like to have a structural porous piece. And I did a piece with a sponge, looked kind of what I planned. However I'm stubborn and I want direct foaming with yeast :):):).
  4. I have this picture in mine mind of a rough volcano pedestal in black (foamed black porcelain) with paper thin white porcelain bowl on top... just want to try foaming porcelain, actually. I always try to do something impossible :( last week I tried several samples more thick but no success.
  5. Ok, thank you, I will try tomorrow with more samples. My mixture was not stiff, was very runny, so I will add more starch. And in some I will add flour, and in some sugar. Will report back what happened.
  6. Yes, my yeast was alive, I tested it first normal way as for bread. And I did everything with warm water and kept everything around 40 °C. Sorry, it seems I didnt post the picture. This is my goal.
  7. In the above procedure I followed Menchavez recipe 50/50. Which way you suggest: more porc or more water or more starch? Or you mean more yeast?
  8. Dear all, i hope someone can help me. I try to do a porous porcelain with yeast foaming technique. I did search clay forums and archives and I couldn't find anything. There are some articles on this techinque in industrial ceramic field. I studied an article by R.L. Menchavez in Journal of Material Science titled Red clay-based porous ceramic with pores created by yeast-based foaming technique. And some other articles... the procedures seemed quite straightforward. So I made a mixture of 50% porc +50% water, to this I added 15% potato starch. Then yeast : I did 3 samples from 11 to 30 % yeast in relation to starch weight. I also did two experiments: yeast mixture directly to porc mix, and second with yeast that was risen separately. NOT ONE of 6 samples has risen. Any suggestions what and how to do it? Thank you, regards, Mirjam The picture is not mine, this is my goal ... if I survive all this yeast smell...
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