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  1. Omg, red lead glazes make me salivate uncontrollably. That rich color, hnnghh...


    But, hey! Drooling aside, I have a GREAT old book from the 70s (1st edition in 1949) that has a buncha lead recipes in it that are JUST GORGEOUS. Dunno if you have looked it up or not, but it's called "The Complete Book of Pottery Making" by John B. Kenny. It's mostly a beginner book, but the lead glazes in there are simply scrumptious! Definitely worth looking into.


    Man, lead carbonate is so beautiful. If you get a big enough chunk, you can cut it like a diamond, and OH dat bling... ^_^


    -Guinea Pig


    P.s. Welcome to the forums! You have no idea how happy I am to FINALLY see another lowfirer here! ^_^

  2. Holy mackeral, I am late to this show! :)


    Well, when I first started, my mugs were pretty ugly, but had nice illustrations, and I sold them for $10-$15 because I was really insecure starting out (like we ALL ARE!! ^_^). This was about six years ago. Now, my work goes from $30-$150, depending on the size, glaze quality, and visual aesthetic of the illustration. I'm actually going to raise my prices a little, due to it being so dang difficult for me to throw anymore, but like this awesomely encouraging forum has said to my pouty guinea butt, "Quality over quantity!" ^_^

    Giselle, I LOVE your work. ♥ It's so very sweet and homey, perfect for gifts!!

    Crazypotterlady, you are so undercharging. Omg. Your work makes me weep!

  3. Oh man...the name game.

    I've had more than one name. My first name was "Kaninkolo Art Studio," ("kaninkolo" being Finnish for "The Rabbit Hole"), but, then I was all like, "Who the heck is gonna remember a name like that?" So, "The Earthen Cavy" was born. Now, the word "cavy" is the "proper term" many guinea pig fanciers use to call that animal (pronounced "KAY-vee"), and given how often cavies appear in my work, it seemed fitting for a while.

    Well...then the name "The Guinea Potter" started rolling around in my head. It's a catchy play on words and I've noticed people remember it easily. So, I think I may have found a winner. ^_^ Third time's a charm!

    But yeah...

    Rabbits and GUINEA PEEGS are such integral parts of my life that bring me both untold happiness and sorrow, just like my experiences with clay. I wanted to incorporate one of those animals in my name, and since there are a ton of ceramists that have "rabbit" in their business name already, using a guinea pig was the obvious choice for me. :)

    Wheek! ♥

  4. Guinea, you're not in Tacoma are you?

    if so, you are sworn to secrecy or we both suffer monkey wrath.  This is a super seekret squirrel project.

    Nopes! ^_^ I'm just outside of Spokane in a wee college town called Cheney. I get over on your side of the state once a year or so to stock up on my CAC supply. They have wonderful underglazes, too, which is my primary surface tool. I love their micaceous redart SOOOO MUCH. It's my new favorite clay!


    I'm planning on moving out west with my fella as soon as he graduates from here. Yay!

  5. I wonder if the Admins might consider making the challenge its own section, like "In The Studio," for example! Lotsa people seem interested, so this has the potential to REALLY jam up other forum topics. It'd be a great way to keep things nice 'n tidy, not to mention easy to find! ^_^

    My topic suggestion is "heritage." Like, make a piece that's about one's cultural background! ^_^ We have a pretty diverse group here; could be fun!

  6. I will be the first rabbit poo pioneer!!! You just wait!

    ...err...I better ask the landlord, first...


    But hey! Check THIS out--rabbit poop totally kills the competition! Ooooh, I'm excited now...


    N = Nitrogen %          P = Phosphorus  %          K = Potassium%


    Material                          N                P               K       


    Rabbit Manure             2.4           1.4             0.6  


    Chicken Manure          1.6            1.5             0.9


    Cow Manure                 0.6            0.2             0.5


    Horse Manure              0.7            0.2             0.6


    Pig Manure                    0.5            0.3             0.5


    Sheep Manure              0.7            0.3             0.9


    Duck Manure                 0.6            1.4             0.5


    Worm Castings             0.5            0.5             0.3

  7. Well, it wasn't the curator, but someone who works for him and wants to put in a good word for me. :) She is she mayor of Athol, Idaho! Heehee...I bet my landlord would kill me for pit-firing in my backyard... :D

    Bunny poo is very, very dry. They eat the mush poo as a means of recycling for yummy nutrients, whereas cows barf it up, chew, and swallow. :D Bunny poo looks like Cocoa Puffs, and seeing how I have eight buns, there's a LOT of poo for me to mess with! :D I bet I could use their dirty pine litter box shavings as combustibles, too. :3 Never done it before, but what the heck? ^_^



    They are rated 06-05. Content as followed:


    Autumn green: 1/3 full

    Foliage green satin: 3/4 full

    Glacier green: 80% full

    Aqua satin: 2/3 full

    Canyon glo: 1/3 full


    I would totally sell these to you for like $40 plus shipping. Problem is that it is colder than a penguin's big toe up here in Washington state and these bottles WILL FREEZE and are made of glass! :( Crapppp... well, stinker.



  9. Thanks, everyone! One reason why I work in earthenware us because my kiln came with a blank ring, and my back is far too screwed to remove it. Another reason is that it is cheaper to fire in low temps than mid-range.The final reason is that my whole studio is set up for lowfire work. It would cost a mint to replace everything...

    Okies, the gargoyles will be outside for late spring, summer, and early fall. :) And, yes, this is of spiritual significance. In the Dakotan countryside, there is a lot of dark energies present from all the horrible things that happened to the Natives there. The Medicine Men arevery busy around the Rez...some of the stories they tell can give you nightmares for weeks! :(


    I hate my phone--sorry for all the errors!!!

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