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  1. Very useful info, Dick. Thank you! We'll take a closer look at the coils.
  2. Hello, My clay studio recently had a perfectly functioning Skutt 1027 kiln display an error code 1 on a cone 6 glaze firing. In the firing directly before this, someone had exploded a few pieces in a bisque firing (cone 04, I believe). I'm wondering if the explosion could have been the reason for the error code? The kiln was vacuumed after the explosion and nothing seemed to be out of place. I should also mention that for the cone 6 firing, the peep holes were left out by mistake, but were put back in and the kiln restarted (the error code displayed before and after the missing peeps were noticed/put back in). Not sure if this could result in an error code either... Anyone else have the same issue after a bisque explosion? Thanks for any insight!
  3. Hi everyone, I've posted in this forum before seeking advice and you all gave me some great advice. Thank you! So, I have been looking into craft schools around the country and I found Penland. It sounds like a great environment for an emerging potter like myself, but it is also very, very expensive. My question is, have any of you attended? Is it worth the $8,000+? I have reasoned with myself that in the pursuit of passions, there is no price that can equal such an experience, but I am thinking that maybe there is another school out there that will offer the same quality and experience, but for a lower price... I have found other schools, but they are usually just two weeks, rather than the intensive 8 weeks that Penland offers. I have tried to find reviews of experiences about the place on the internet, but haven't really been able to find much. What are you opinions on a place like Penland? Are there other places out there in the country with intensive short term (2-6 months) sessions? Thank you again for your help! This is a wonderful community.
  4. Hi everyone, I am a fairly new potter. I've been taking weekly pottery classes at a community rec center for about a year now and it is growing to become a passion of mine that I want to explore further. Right now I work full time at an office job, but I am going to quit come Fall and hopefully look to explore the world of pottery more freely and deeply. My question is, do you know of any schools out West that offer certificate programs? I don't want a graduate degree or another undergrad degree. That is just too much money right now. What I have found are options for ceramic certificates at community colleges, particularly in Santa Fe, NM and Mendocino, CA. I like the community college option because I do not have a portfolio of any sort and I think applying to these programs would be relatively free of application stresses. On a side note, I also see this as an opportunity to live in a new place for a year or two (I live on the east coast) while becoming more serious about my pottery education. I'm relatively young so... I want to do this before it gets too "late!" Are there any other schools that I should know about? Thank you!
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