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    Figurative sculpture, Ceramics, Painting, Art History and Life Drawing. I also have a deep interest in the social history a d evolution of religion and belief which informs much of my work.

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  1. Hi Bill thanks for the reply, I've posted an image of the circuit board and bar that sheered off and contacted. 

    There appears little or no signs of damage to the circuit. 

    I expect it is a job for a qualified person? 

    Thanks, Saudade

  2. Hi  thanks for the reply out my rk2. I'm   wry wary of electrics so am not aware how to Check the capacitor. Everything appears to be OK but there was a bang and a shower of sparks from thecircuitt board   I posted a photo. 

    Tha ks, Saudade

  3. Hi Bill thanks for the reply. I e posted an image in the gallery of the circuit board but am unsure which wire it touched. The metal bar holding the wheel touched ar the top when it sheered off the enlarged image shows this. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Yes that's what I'm worried about but Im hoping as the sparks came from the contact of the wires that maybe a capacitor has blown? It can be returned to the seller but I would prefer to repair if possible. Thanks for the reply.
  5. I have an old rk2 where the vertical bar holding the small wheel was pivoting due to someone's previously disconnecting the vertical bars 45 degree bolts. Subsequently the belt kept slipping off as the wheel on the bar pivoted. The main problem was that when I pressed the pedal down the bar connecting bolt sheered off under pressure and the bar broke free and connected with a wire causing sparks and a small bang. Can anyone please tell me if the motor is blown or something else and is it repairable. It seems quite old. Thanks for any advice.
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