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    From the album: All Stuff

    My house
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    From the album: All Stuff

    for poppies
  3. From the album: All Stuff

    for Steve
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    Pugging 1

    From the album: All Stuff

    Margo and Ann
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    Mugs 2

    From the album: All Stuff

  6. Chilly

    Pugging 2

    From the album: All Stuff

    Margo and Ann
  7. I ran mine when overnight low was predicted to be 3 deg C, My kiln is in a greenhouse! The minimum inside temperature that night was 14 deg C and the max was about 20. Windows were open for ventilation and power cable entry, so I guess the heat from the kiln will keep the controller warmer than otherwise. Good luck.
  8. What do your kiln and controller manuals say? My controller says storage temp of -20 to +50 deg C, with an operating temp of 0 to 50 deg C. (From memory)
  9. From the album: All Stuff

    2013 Mugs Back Row: Mum, Sunshine Red, Underfired; Ron A, Crystalline Blue, Underfired?; Ray, Topaz; Dad, Fiord Blue, Tricia, Chun Plum; Steve W, Fiord Blue; Grand-Ed, Topaz;Colin, Sea Magic, Overfired; Josh, Transparent Green, Miss-Ed, Topaz under Sea Magic; Dad, True Celadon. Centre: Tea-spoon holder (my first successful-ish throwing), Rustic Copper Front Row: Barry, Green Magnetite; Sara, Chun Plum; Bob, Iron Red/white mix with transparent over ; John, Green Magnetite; Emma, Sunshine Red.
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