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  1. Do you find sales better at small shows( <50 booths) or large shows(>200 booths) or somewhere in the middle?


    What is the worst booth neighbor to have... 

    A). The German Roast Nuts....the intoxicating aroma becomes nauseating after a couple hours

    B).  Kettle Korn, with the gas burner igniting every 10-15 mins drowning out all other sounds

    C). The Peruvian flute players playing their whole catalog of music from their CD's

    D). The overly chatty neighbor with no filter on  what details they readily share

    E). Beer Tent




  2. Liam V.  Pit firing can be very fun and challenging, been doing for 10 years now.  We do bisque 1st, but can be done from a green state just need to go much slower and start with the pots outside the fire and slowly move them towards the fire as time goes by and turning them to heat/dry evenly.   They will never be considered "food safe".  Obvara is another fun technique, it will produce items that are sealed and useable for short periods of time.  Water or other fluids will turn the obvara mixture to paste.  It will not prevent chemicals from leaching through though.

    As for pit firing in your suburban neighborhood, I've done small firings in my backyard fire pit, I just dig down a bit to give it more depth and break my own rules of adding more wood as it burns. 

    Attached is one of our pit fired pieces.

    Good luck,



  3. 17 hours ago, GEP said:

    Homemade cutoff wires, made from fishing line and fender washers. Taught to me by the marvelous Nan Rothwell in Charlottesville VA. I love that these can be made to any length of your choosing. Storebought ones are always too long.

    The first one is for cutting pugs, the second one is for cutting off small pots like mugs, the third one is for everything larger than a mug. They break every so often, but it takes only minutes to make a new one, and that one spool of fishing line will probably last a lifetime.


    Awesome!!! will be making some soon!  Is there a "weight" of line that works best?

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