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  1. I put the underglazes on "wet" clay- fresh from the slab roller.
  2. Just the other day I saw a YouTube video; the Asian artist uses 'india' or 'china' ink, but also uses food coloring for safety.<div>You might google 'india' ink for some formulation info. I suspect it is still- after several millennia- a pretty primitive concoction. Plus, the amount one might ingest is infinitesimal- worry more about the quality of the water used to prepare the food and drink!</div>
  3. Some people collect antique cars. I "collect" antique L&L kilns! The serial number is the day/month/year built, and I consider anything before digital controls to be an antique. If one is patient, the kilns owned by little old ladies who only fired it on Sundays to cone 06 can be found on craigs list in the $100-$300 range. 20- 30 years old, but fire like a brand new kiln. As Neil says, they are easy to work on. The small ones are great when you want to fire a few items to test a new glaze.
  4. Buy one of those prefab sheds that dot back yards all across America. Or, if it is really "isn't very large", get a Rubbermaid trash container, and put it over the kiln when not in use. Keep it there with a kiln shelf. Or two, depending upon the sizes of your 'monsoons'. A third option, since you can unplug it, is to put it on wheels, and only take it outside when you fire it. (checking with Accuweather first, of course)
  5. Kilns are simple 'machines', but very heavy, hence shipping is a substantial part of the cost. BUT: there are also steep discounts available to dealers, including 'free', when they order multiple units. I also suspect that they are very similar to each other- except for the L&L element holders.
  6. leaf colors are Brooklyn Red slip, rutile, iron oxide. Green is mason stains & ball clay on Standard 266.
  7. Here's another "quickie" that helps pay the bills. I call it the "whatever" dish - spoon rest, powder room soap dish, ring rest, what ever.I cut a couple dozen per slab, with a 4" cookie cutter, form them on plaster hump molds. Wholesale for $60/dozen.
  8. Potters have "single fired" for several thousand years!<div><br><div>To learn more- everything!- google "steven hill single fire".</div></div>
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