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  1. I am looking for suggestions for clay to make / glaze outside bird bath and two piece interlocking stand. I live in the St. Louis so temps can get cold. Thanks
  2. BobM

    I just read a comment you made regarding clay for outside use. You mentioned bird baths and that's exactly what I am going to make. Can you recommend a clay body you like for this use? Could I use a cone 6 glaze? Thanks so Much

    1. Callie Beller Diesel

      Callie Beller Diesel

      Hi @BobM, If you check DAY’s profile, they haven’t returned to the forum since 2013. If you post your question in the main forum instead of the personal status updates, you’ll get better, up to date information from active members. 


    2. Pres


      I threw a couple of bird baths 2 years ago, I used the SC Hazelnut clay for these, and fired them to ^6 for the glaze. The owners have been very pleased with them. One was a hanging bath, and the other was thrown to match the diameter of a commercial concrete stand. 



    3. BobM


      Thanks Callie and Pres. I am a newbie at this forum and help is always appreciated.


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