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  1. Thanks for your thoughts, Definitely on some your lip hits the clay. It is a vitrified surface so the bare clay though rough is not sandpapery, it is glassified. I think the less thick glaze stripe at the lip, looks more balanced than bringing the glaze down much lower, as I did on some. Still, perhaps I should have brought the glaze down a bit lower on some.
  2. Thank you sir, that was my target. These are of weighed 12 oz and 16 oz certified nontoxic talc-free Amaco #58 warm brown ^5, I do throw shot glasses and am prototyping drawer pull knobs off of the hump.
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    Stuff that I've done lately, & still have.
  4. Patsu


    Nice transitions, lots going on, yet unobtrusively. Carries itself well.
  5. Patsu


    Nice work, I really dig the movement in the swirls.
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