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  1. I forgot to mention that my friend did not transfer the photographs to the bowls and plates but developed simple line drawings from the photos and used these as the basis for his china painting. Thus, art by local artist.
  2. If your wife opts for china painting she does not have to stop at tiles. I have a friend who bought assorted white plates and bowls, took photographs of local beach scenes - pier, lifeguard station, passing bicycle riders and used these images to decorate the recycled ware. They sold very well at a gift shop located on the pier - as art by local artist. He quite enjoyed the project.
  3. Venicemud

    slug Pic

    The Raku slug, he looks much cuddlier, Venicemud
  4. For years I have used the Mason Stain Co system that Vince described in an earlier response and you don't need to make up "gallons". I mix up the dry ingredients in an amount convenient for my needs and store in one container. I do add about 2% bentonite to this dry mix. I mix up the wet ingredients - liquid CMC (either purchased wet or made up by myself), antifreeze and water, and store in a bottle. I'm not as precise as Vince when making up the underglaze (sorry Vince but it works for me), I take a generous tablespoonful of the dry mix and a not so generous tablespoonful of the stain and mix, then gradually mix in the liquid (giving the bottle a quick shake first) until I have the consistency that I like. The wet and dry mixes can be stored for years - I speak from experience - and the underglazes made from them can, of course, be made up in larger batches if you are more productive than I. I do feel that the underglazes are smoother if pushed through an 80 mesh sieve - that's the most time consuming part. Joan.
  5. All of the tools have great shapes and features, and the wood is so beautiful! Venicemud
  6. Nice to meet you Brenda, your profile would just about fit me except for the bass fishing. I love your forum ID fish,such a lively look and happy combination of colors.

    Joan Klotz (Venicemud)

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