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    Wall Sculpture
  2. wayne

    Ancient Secret

    Wall Sculpture
  3. wayne


    Really interesting Berte! I like the texture and overall feeling of this work. Nice going.
  4. wayne


    Nice work Christine! I like the tilted head and puzzled concept.
  5. wayne


    Clay Sculpture
  6. Hi Rhoni ......Nice work. I especially like your "Tree Person". I'm primarily a sculptor but I do live in Florida. Please post more clay work!

  7. wayne


  8. wayne

    Mask of Three

    Wall Mask
  9. Linnet ........ Happy to hear "all is Well" and that you are busy. I have been teaching way too much lately and getting short on time to do my thing. Nonetheless, I always manage to turn out something new. Good to see your new work!

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  11. wayne

    I Wonder

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