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    Ceramic sculpture.

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  1. This piece reminds me a little bit of Egyptian statues - the coloring and style and shows a very real talent (& love) for sculpting. I suggest for future works you place your sculpture at different heights while sculpting. Meaning, raise and lower the chair you're sitting on OR raise and lower the sculpture itself to constantly be viewing your sculpture from different angles as you are working. Again, I'm sorry for my tardy responses. Night, night.
  2. Mary Maude


    I'd like to know how you hang this piece? Do you need to have some sort of support sculpted into it? You are motivated me to want to create wall art too! Very beautiful.
  3. Mary Maude

    Happy Waves

    This piece is titled after the Joe Walsh song, Happy Ways, from his album, The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get. 9”H X 6¾”W X 6½”D
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