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i have this recipe. it is from  Pat Horsley via Jan Richardson of Windy Meadows pottery.


the gum arabic is in a dry form.  i got some from Georgies, i think.  nobody else seemed to have it dry.


recipe is specific to EACH clay body you use. (big lou, i can picture 25 containers, one for each body you have developed)



100  grams dry clay

2      grams dry gum arabic

2      grams custer feldspar 

2      grams dry bentonite


mix dry without causing a plume of dust

then add HOT water, mix and let it sit  (overnight)

next day add 1/4 teaspoon sodium silicate and a pinch of epsom salts.


store it in an airtight container.  if mold grows add a few drops of bleach.  

it works. i am using some i made over a year ago.  a little black mold formed and i got rid of it with bleach.


it is great for adding parts to things and also for filling in dents or dings.   Jan says she can fix things that have been bisqued.

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