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How Durable Are Cone 06 Mugs?

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Guest JBaymore

That question, as stated, simply cannot be answered accurately.  Firing cone alone is not a firm predictor or much of anything.


What is the technical expertise of the producer?


How skilled is/are the maker(s) at fabrication / handling?


Is this handcraft?  Industrial production?


What clay body?  What glaze?


How is is formed?


What are the production controls on production...... single person.... factory?


A BLATANT generality (which is by definition wrong) is that low fire ceramics are less durable than high fire ceramics.  There are plenty of exceptions to that comment.





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Just one example:  I made a sauce bowl, fired to ^06.  Lasted a few months, then made another and fired to ^6.  Still using, and made it in 2006.  ^6 fired stuff seems more durable in use.  I have Denby stoneware dinner plates/bowls/mugs etc.  In 32 years many items have bounced around the kitchen floor, only two have broken.  Plus the tea-pot whose spout I bashed on the tap!  Most of my friends are on their third or fourth earthenware dinner service.

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I will try one or two at ^06 for myself to see. Will fire rest at ^6

 Individual  very experienced, wheel thrown white commercial low fire clay with ^06 commercial glaze. 

Yea very experienced potter ought to know! 

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If it's a cone 6 body fired at 06 ,even glazed, it's water absorption likely would be high and strength low. so microwave usage would be out of the question for me.

If it's an 06 body at cone 6, hope you have some kiln wash on that shelve, I've done it and got the shelf to prove it. :)

 If on he other hand, you have a cone 6 body for a base of a sculpture and added a 06 clay body and glaze for the top, fired at cone 6, I think that might win in an abstract art competition.

Good luck,


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