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Where Can I Download Color Charts Of Discontinued Glazes?

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I need to find color charts from older Duncan, Mayco, Ceramicrome. and Gare catalogs.

Need the following glaze color illustrations

Duncan- AR620 to AR951   GL608 to GL788

Mayco UG89 to UG203  EL129 to EL503

Ceramichrome  BG230 to BG293

Gare NTG 9005 to NTG9522  FS2304 t0 FS2401


If you have a old catalog and could scan a copy that would be great. 


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I have found a lot of them with  on line searches.  Some I can guess what they will look like. Would be nice to know with out having to do a test fire how dark or light a glaze is.  "Spring time" does not specify how a yellow looks!

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I can check my files, I usually keep the old ones.  otherwise I googled a couple and found the following....


"mayco UG89"  its from the 2005 catalog



"mayco ug203"



you might be able to find others this way if you haven't. I know I don't have Duncan or Gare color sheets.



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