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Blue Rutile

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I handbuilt a bowl and airbrushed it with amoco blue rutile(cone 5) potter's choice on red stone cone 5 clay.  This was my first attempt at airbrushing, and the glaze went on smoothly without spotting for 3 coats. there was no hint of blue after firing. There was also fine spatter on the shelf after firing.   From reading past posts, I realize that the piece had no blue because the glaze was too thin.  Two questions:  1) Can I heat the bowl, reairbrush with more blue rutile and gain some of the blue variation I was hoping for? 2) How can you tell when a glaze is thick enough when you airbrush?  Thank you for you knowledge and willingness to share.

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Airbrush or brush, or dip, or pour thickness should be about the thickness of thumbnail. What will it hurt to try and thicken up the glaze. Warm the pot up, spray more glaze on, and re-fire. Re-firing will not hurt most glazes, but some special effect glazes will lose their effects-oil spots in particular.

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