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Newbe Question About Firing Clay

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 Thanks Mark. 

 I Interpret your answer as , "putting steel in clay throughout the firing process is not possible".

I also wondered about metals that melt at lower temps. Can copper, brass, silver, and gold. Can shavings and small pieces be melted like a glaze while embedded in the clay?

I have designs that would require the steel to be part of the piece throughout the firing process.

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AFAIK there are two big issues:

Firstly the firing changes the metal objects; oxidation, flaking, melting ...

Secondly the expansions of the metals and clays don't match: loosening, cracking, low structural integrity ...

Some people do work with metals and clay, but it's  probably a fairly poorly controlled process. So test ... test ... test if you want to take that route.

... and make sure that any incidents in firing don't affect the kiln shelves or other users.


A google such as firing metal pottery finds a few hits, such as






Regards, Peter




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