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Mackenzie Grey Glaze Recipe

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Who are you?

10 redux ...assuming? Wood fire, gas, oil,???salt, soda, electric???

What kind of clay?

Tell us about you your projects?

Maybe fill out profile, pics in gallery.






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I have this recipe. It's my adaptation but I changed it only slightly I believe.


Mac Grey Matte

Cone 10 Redux.

50  Custer Feldspar

25  Kaolin (EPK works nicely, I've been thinking of trying Helmar or something exotic to see the differences)

25  Whiting


And I've included some examples of how it has turned out for me using various thicknesses and glazing techniques. I fire a hot cone 10, like 10.5-11 sometimes. I also like the variations this glaze has thick to thin on an iron clay body. ie, fingerprints, drips, etc. A hint: you get barn red in small areas sometimes when the glaze is super thin. It is a beautiful surprise when it turns out and it doesn't happen all the time for me.

egg jar



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